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How to back up your Android phone

The sad thing about phones these days is that they are built to be disposable. Some people live in a material world and the more they get the more they want; in these few cases, they are absolutely fine with having to get a new phone every time a new model comes out and in fact welcome it. Other people wish they still had the security of knowing that their phone would actually last a few years before malfunctioning and breaking down and no amount of apps can really change that for them. This leaves these kind of people haunted by the constant worry that their phone Is going to break and they will lose all their games, texts and contacts on their Android phone and will have to start all over again once they either get it fixed or, usually, buy a new one. However, just because your phone is liable to break or malfunction at any stage does not mean you have to live in fear. There is actually a relatively simple way to back up everything on your Android phone for future safe keeping. Here is how to back everything up on your Android phone.

When you have a Gmail account, saving some of your most important settings is child’s play. When you are on your Google account, go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Privacy’ before making sure that the ‘back up my settings’ and the ‘automatic restore’ options are saved. This will make things a lot easier when we come to the next part which is as follows; you will need to go to ‘settings’ and ‘accounts.’ Then, from there, you will need to enter your Gmail account and check all the options they provide for you to look at. When you have done this, all of your contacts, calendar options, apps and system settings will be backed up for future use by you of your phone breaks. When you get a new phone, all you will need to do is sync that same Google account on to it and it will all come back to you from there.

If you want to save your text messages, there is an app for that. SMS Backup + is an excellent app that does all that for you. It saves every text message on your phone and makes a new folder for them on your Gmail account labelled ‘SMS’ and these will come back with every new phone you sync the account details on to, just like the other lot. For other media types such as videos and pictures, there are apps for them too. However, the best way to do it is probably the direct route by connecting your Android phone up to your computer and finding the folders in which these files that need to be backed up are in through your Desktop. Then, when you find the ones you need, drag and drop them to a nice, tidy folder on your Desktop. Simple as that!

So, no worries when it comes to backing up your Android phone!

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