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The Top 10 Root Only Android Apps

The Best Apps for Rooted Android Devices

The market has somewhat plateaued for revolutionary apps. For rooted phones its just beginning as the evolution continues to rise at an exponential rate. What separates a normal app from a rooted one is that rooted apps are able to work with the systems firmware allowing them to be more powerful, innovative, and useful. Some are more technical for tweaking Androids while others can allow you to actually hook a controller up to the phone or tablet. More importantly, they allow real creativity and innovation to happen by unlocking the devices real potential. That is why throughout this blog we are going to reveal the top 10 rooted apps for Androids.

Superuser and SuperSU

Superuser and Super SU are the two apps that control root access per app. For a majority of phones Superuser is what is flashed through ROM Manager when root is obtained on a device. Now that were done with the history lesson, we can get into what really makes these two apps so powerful.

SuperSU is basically Superuser on steroids. While both allow for root access on a per app basis. SuperSU has features like a comprehensive root access management system and an OTA root keeper for those who purchase the pro version. To sum it all up, both these apps act as the keys to release to Androids free from the bondage of bad apps.


With games like N.O.V.A. 3 and Modern Combat 3 having such powerful graphics, it can become increasingly hard to kill the enemy with screen lag and overall choppiness. Fortunately Chainfire 3D is hear to save the day!

Chainfire offers a variety of features that allow it to reduce texture quality and size as well as unroll textures. Be careful of the latter of the three as sometimes it can affect the tags on the names of other players online. Overall this leads to better performance for the game, allowing the player to perform better in the game.

AnTuTu CPU Master

Whether it be boosting performance or battery life AnTuTu CPU Master has got it covered. AnTuTu CPU Master is complete overclocking, underclocking, and undervolting management. Putting the owner in the driver seat. Best part about it is it’s free allowing your Android to get that added boost no matter what the circumstances may be.

ROM Manager and Odin

If there were cornerstones of rooted apps then these two would be it. ROM Manager and ODIN allow management of ROMs, kernels, and mods. They do this through flashing whatever tweak via recovery.

Accessing recovery is usually quite simple and only requires pressing the power and volume down button at the same time and like that your rooted phone will boot into recovery. Both of these apps are awesome and depending upon which one the user ends up going with is almost always determined by the phone or tablet.

Titanium Backup

Back those apps up! That’s right, after flashing a ROM, reinstalling all those apps can be a pain. Fortunately Titanium Backup takes care of this.

First off toggle to batch settings, and then under “backup” touch run on whatever backup fits your needs. This will ensure no matter how many ROMs are flashed; reinstalling apps will no longer be a problem. Furthermore, in the pro version it makes reinstalling apps touch free.

Root Explorer

Ever needed to update a build prop or had to access system files but couldn’t?  That is where Root Explorer comes into play. Some key features are it has a text editor, zip extractor, and permissions toggle. The permissions toggle is key for updating mods.

For instance, the LG g2x has severe lag issues. To fix this it requires replacing a system file and in doing so properly toggling the permissions. Leaving g2x owners with a device that runs much smoother. Overall it’s fast, effective, and user friendly.

AnTuTu Battery Saver

AnTuTu Battery Saver Pro is an easy to use battery saving program for Androids. What sets it apart from its foes is that with root access it has more power to work with the phones hardware to make energy saving decisions. There are four levels of battery saving, giving it the ability to vastly improve battery life (around 50% on a full charge for some phones on level 4).

Also, the guys over at AnTuTu made a pro version for those who are looking to get everything out of their battery’s life.

Voodoo Sound

Voodoo sound is a fan favorite for sound quality with rooted users. The full version is only available on a handful of devices. For those that have a Galaxy S, Nexus S, and soon to be the Galaxy S III acquire the opportunity to get their hands on such an awesome app.

In the full version it offers digital analog conversion (DAC) X128 oversampling, DAC direct for best sound-noise ratio (SNR), and Bass Boost to give the user the crispest bass this side of Ibiza. To sum it all up, it turns Androids into a beast of an MP3 player.

Sixaxis Controller

Time to talk about the most fun root app, that being Sixaxis Controller. Sixaxis Controller allows the user to hook up a PlayStation 3 Sixaxis Controller via Bluetooth to a phone or preferably a tablet. This app practically turns an Android device into a full-fledged gaming system.

What is difficult about it is that each game requires a specific profile.  For games like GTA 3 and Modern Combat 3 the profiles can be found easily online via a Google search. In the event Google can’t find the profile you’re looking for, making one isn’t too difficult. It can be done by taking a screenshot of the game then dragging and dropping the correlating buttons where one sees fit. Happy fragging!

ROM Toolbox

Ever own a Swiss Army Knife? Well, for Androids that knife would be the ROM ToolBox app. This App is literally a toolbox that contains everything needed to have a next level Android. There are the usual suspects like being able to OC/UC and UV as well as an Ad Blocker.

What sets this app apart is the boot animation loader that is supplied with over 100 boot animations as well as a theme finder/changer to update your Android to something a little more fresh. It does it all, but wait there’s more… as it also has an SD booster too.  If you can think of it, ROM Toolbox does it (especially the pro version).

Throughout this article we explored the top 10 reasons as to why rooted apps are superior in more ways then one.  They cover just about all bases, and in doing so leaving the user with a phone they can call their own. Whether it be the basics like Superuser and ROM Manager or fun ones like Voodoo Sound and Sixaxis Controller all of these give ample opportunity to increase your phone’s functionality. In closing, if cutting edge is your cup of tea, than look no further.

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