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How to Hack Flappy Bird for Fun and High Scores (APK Download Included)


It’s difficult. It’s infuriating. Its undoubtedly the 2014 game of the year. Its developer yanked it from the market for among others, the first two reasons. (Or did he?). By now you know we are talking about flappy bird!

Flappy bird was developed by Vietnam based game developer Nguyen Ha Dong (Dong Nguyen in short) and published by Vitenamese game development outfit, GEARS studios. The developer yanked it from the market in early 2014 through the now infamous tweet:


While new versions and clones have hit the market since the original was yanked, no clear contender has yet to take root. You can download the original Flappy Bird .apk here

Flap Flap Flappy Bird.

On the face of it, the game is simple. Tap on the screen to keep a small bird moving forward between a row of green pipes without colliding with then. When the bird hits the pipes you lose and have to start all over again.

There is no variation whatsoever throughout the game. The pipes are spaced equally with no end to the running track. The only discerning features are the flap sound, the ding sound when you hit a pipe and the rising scores. The game has features that make it easy to learn yet hard to master making it infuriating and addictive at the same time.

Flappy Bird Mental Hacks

The game is insanely difficult to play. Even Dong admitted it himself. Sometimes you will fail even when you haven’t hit the pipe. The following tricks will help you play better and save you the frustration:-

  • Relax while playing. Flappy bird was meant to be a relaxing and fun game, relax and enjoy
  • Take constant breaks while playing. The game is difficult, working up yourself will only make you lose
  • Tap lightly on the bird. Quick lighter taps will help you perform better.
  • Rising up to the pipes is easier than dropping down. Employ that in your game strategy
  • You might want to play with the screen cover off to improve touch sensitivity
  • Use a bigger screen. A smaller screen decreases point touch sensitivity make it hard to correctly pinpoint the bird.
  • You can always give up!

Flappy Bird Rooted Android Hack

If you just want bragging rights without having to play the game, the following is a simple hack to increase your top score.


You need to root your android device for this hack to work. Install Flappy Bird if you haven’t already as well as a root aware file explorer such as the ES File Explorer. The rest of the steps are easy to follow:-

  1. Open Flappy bird and play at least once. Use the mind hacks to play better
  2. Close the app and open the ES root file explorer and ensure Root Explorer is turned on.
  3. Tap the “Local” line item on the Root Explorer menu and go to “Device”. This takes you to the root menu when you need to start.
  4. On the “Device” menu, tap until you get the data folder and look for another folder still named “data” and tap to open it.
  5. Scroll down till you find the folder “com.dotgears.flappy” and tap to open it.
  6. On the “shared_prefs” folder, tap to open the FlappyBird.xml file and open it with the ES Note editor.
  7. On the upper right, look for three dots and tap on them to edit
  8. Look for the line starting with “<int name=”score” value =” and change the value of your score to something higher like “<int name=”score” value =”999999″ />”. Go back and save the file when prompted.
  9. Open Flappy and play. You now have an unbeatable high score. You can always edit the FlappyBird.xml file to set the high score you want. Make it epic.


Despite its toughness to play, Flappy Bird remains a popular game, even more so after its official removal from the play and app stores. It has made history and you too can be part of that by hacking the play of the game, whether through jedi mind tricks or the brute force way. Either way, the whole point of the game is to enjoy and have fun!

What other hacks have you used to succeed at Flappy Bird? Feel free to share in the comments.

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