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Will I get an OTA update after Rooting

Will I get an OTA update after Rooting

One of the most common questions people ask when they are finally rooted is “will I be able to update?” The answer is somewhat different depending on what exactly you did during the rooting process. After all, rooting methods vary greatly between devices, and sometimes, getting rooted isn’t all you end up doing.

You see, much like any PC or MAC out there, your smartphone is also a computer. It has partitions that separate the system or operating system files from the space you use for your own files and installations. Your smartphone also contains a recovery image and a boot image. The recovery image is usually used to install updates as well as custom files and firmwares.
Vanilla Root
One type of root is what I would like to refer to as vanilla root. It is a rooting method that only makes...

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Enhance Gaming with Root

Enhance Gaming with Root

Gaming has shifted in the past few years. Gamers are no longer restricted to consoles and dedicated handheld systems. While the old platforms are definitely hanging on there, one can’t deny the amazing speed and power of today’s mobile gaming system.

Not a lot of people had a handheld gaming device. Not a lot of people had gaming consoles. Certainly though, a whole lot of people have smartphones and tablets on hand. A lot of people in this day and age have access to something to help them get their game on.
With Root, the possibilities increase tremendously. Root access can help you access things that normal devices wouldn’t be able to. Would you like to know how to improve your game? Read on then.
Access Games beyond your Hardware
Some games are built just for your hardware. Games can be optimized for Nvidia...

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Is Rooting Android Phones and Tablets Legal?

Is Rooting Android Phones and Tablets Legal?

Those of you following tech news of late will have seen some rather disturbing articles that as of January 26th, 2013, it is now illegal to unlock cell phones in the US without carrier permission. We’ve been getting a lot of questions recently on how this applies to rooting, particularly as in the same DMCA rounds, many news sources have been announcing that rooting tablets is illegal. Such articles make for great shock headlines, but there is a lot of confusion and sensationalism which has caused a lot of people to get the wrong information. We have consulted with our own legal team, as well as numerous experts in the field, to try and bring some clarity to the situation.
First of all, please understand that unlocking and rooting/jailbreaking are entirely different things. The recently DMCA update, which does make it...

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How to Enable USB Debugging on Samsung Devices

USB Debugging is that little option found on your device that may come across as you peruse your settings. It will also be a constant term you encounter when you root your device, and it is also required for certain root actions and apps.
Most users just leave it alone, ticking it on only when necessary. That is actually a good thing. USB debugging gives the OS as well as other computers a deeper and more open access to your device. You don’t want to mess with the device unless you know what you are doing. Normally, this option is not ticked on newer devices. Older devices would have better use of this service.
So when do we actually need this option to be ticked? On many older devices, this option is required so that your device can synchronize and back-up on...

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Enhancing the Performance of Your Rooted Android Phone

Many experts have compared technology in general to onions, because every technological device that you can think of has many different layers.  Most people are only able to focus on the surface level or the first layer when it comes to technology.  Why?  That is the only layer that they really need to focus on in order to properly use their device.
For example, when it comes to your Android phone, as long as it has a charged battery, good reception and a good Internet connection, there is a long list of basic things that you can do with it as you would any other smartphone.  However, all of those fundamental tasks and capabilities are still just on the first layer.  Rooting your Android phone allows you to have full access to the treasures found within the deeper layers.
Why You Should...

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Why Root Your Android Phone

10 Reasons to Root Your Android Phone
Androids are powerful devices. The problem is that many of the stock operating systems (aka ROMs) are bogged down with bloatware that can eventually leave the Android at a standstill. Well, have no fear cause rooting is here!
Rooting an Android unlocks the potential it was designed for, not made for with special interest groups in mind, i.e. cell phone companies. With a rooted phone it’ll be personalized, perform better, and have longer lasting battery. That is why we have amassed the top ten reasons on why the grass is greener on the other side.
Bloatware is a significant problem for Androids right out of the box. What makes people pull their hair out is apps that slow the phone down are often times unable to be uninstalled.  It’s baffling when an unwanted GPS navigation app...

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