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Zenchain Launches P2P Lending and Telegram Anti Phishing Products

RescueRoot is proud to support a new venture launched by one of its former product creators, Zenchain Inc. Zenchain is a new blockchain startup focused on building decentralized applications on the Ethereum network. We believe that this exciting new venture will have a strong impact on the progress of the cryptocurrency space the way RescueRoot and the associated OneClickRoot.com have had on Android rooting. Sharing a similar philosophy to what made RescueRoot great, Zenchain’s goal is to make decentralized apps and cryptocurrency utilities, which currently require a high degree of technical knowledge and skill, something that the average user can easily use on a daily basis.

While Zenchain is only a few months old, they have already released a completely free Telegram Anti-Phishing Admin Bot, which aims to solve the serious problem of phishing scams that have stolen millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency from unsuspecting or naive Telegram users by impersonating channel administrators. They have released this utility entirely free of charge or restrictions, considering it a vital public service that is more important than profit which should be shared and utilized as heavily as possible to solve this serious and widespread problem plaguing Telegram crypto communities.

They have also released in functional alpha testnet form, a peer to peer cryptocurrency lending platform LendCoin.com. By using smart contracts and enabling users to set their own terms from a wide variety of collateral, repayment, interest, timeline, and pegged currency options to develop incredibly personalized financial instruments that the traditional market is simply unable to provide. This exciting project is not yet formally launched, but Zenchain expect to do so within the next few months in what may well significantly impact the nature of cryptocurrency lending as a whole and lead to a higher degree of freedom and flexibility for users.

For more information of Zenchain and their upcoming suite of blockchain products, follow them on Twitter or Facebook, and check out their website.

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