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Zenchain Launches P2P Lending and Telegram Anti Phishing Products

RescueRoot is proud to support a new venture launched by one of its former product creators, Zenchain Inc. Zenchain is a new blockchain startup focused on building decentralized applications on the Ethereum network. We believe that this exciting new venture will have a strong impact on the progress of the cryptocurrency space the way RescueRoot and the associated have had on Android rooting. Sharing a similar philosophy to what made RescueRoot great, Zenchain’s goal is to make decentralized apps and cryptocurrency utilities, which currently require a high degree of technical knowledge and skill, something that the average user can easily use on a daily basis.
While Zenchain is only a few months old, they have already released a completely free Telegram Anti-Phishing Admin Bot, which aims to solve the serious problem of phishing scams that have stolen millions of dollars...

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Welcome back! We are just taking a short break

Hi guys! How was your New Year?
I just want to let you guys know that the blog is still alive and well. Unfortunately, our daily dose of guides and ideas are out for the day.
Our writers are taking a short vacation, but don’t fret. We will be back soon with some fresh ideas for you to sink your teeth into.
Here’s a quick idea for your NFC needs – make a tag that lets you send a quick text message.
We’ll delve further into that realm when we get back. Have a great weekend!

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