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Enhance Gaming with Root

Enhance Gaming with Root

Gaming has shifted in the past few years. Gamers are no longer restricted to consoles and dedicated handheld systems. While the old platforms are definitely hanging on there, one can’t deny the amazing speed and power of today’s mobile gaming system.

Not a lot of people had a handheld gaming device. Not a lot of people had gaming consoles. Certainly though, a whole lot of people have smartphones and tablets on hand. A lot of people in this day and age have access to something to help them get their game on.

With Root, the possibilities increase tremendously. Root access can help you access things that normal devices wouldn’t be able to. Would you like to know how to improve your game? Read on then.

Access Games beyond your Hardware

Some games are built just for your hardware. Games can be optimized for Nvidia powered handsets, while others are optimized for Adreno powered GPU. Some games require you to have a PowerVR, or are simply better that way.  Then there are games that are built for other devices, such as Playstation certified devices.

Having root access allows you to use apps like Playstation Mobile or even access other games with Chainfire 3D. If you are willing to push your hardware to the limit and maybe drain the battery fast just to be able to play some high end games, then root is your solution.

Get Access to Game Saves

Sometimes, things just go wrong. I remember one time where I am so far in my GTA game and all of a sudden, I lose my save data in a stupid situation. Thankfully, a friend was able to get me a save data close to where I was before I lost my save.

With services like Game ON, you have a whole community of friends to help you out when you can’t beat a certain level, or maybe need a game save that you lost. Android has a lot of open and happy communities.

Backup Game Data

Speaking of game data, the only way for you to make backups of your own is to have access to your root directory. While some games may natively allow such backups, most games don’t. Save yourself the trouble and freak out moments of losing your saved game. Get root and back that baby up with an app like Titanium Backup.

New ways to Control

Android is amazing, it can even allow you to use apps like Sixaxis Controller to use your PS3 controller to play your games, provided you have root. You can also use the app to map out controls of games that don’t natively support the game controller API.

Boost your System

With root access, you can also boost your system to be able to handle high resolution or high definition games better on your mobile. You can also free up memory by freezing unnecessary apps and prevent them from running while you are in the middle of your game.

Get Help with your Game

Ok, so not everyone is hardcore gamer, but you want to experience part of the game and finish it even if you don’t have mad skills. Unfortunately, that is better said than done for a lot of people out there. With unbridled root access, you can modify some game parameters with apps like Game Guardian or Game CIH to make the game ‘easier’ to play, even for little tykes.

Blow away annoying Ads

While ads do help pay for your game in support of the developer, sometimes they are simply too annoying. By blocking away advertisements, you can finally enjoy games without the annoyance of ads blocking your sight at inopportune times.

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