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How to Factory Reset on Android

When you root your Android phone, there are many many things you can do with it. You will have access to such a wide range of apps that you could previously only dream about and your device, in theory, should perform better than ever before if it goes right. However, there are a few reasons why you might wish you hadn’t done it. Your device might be working slowly since you have so many apps available or it might need to be sold and no one will buy an Android pre-rooted for anything even close to the original price. You may have cracked the screen or gotten a virus that will need fixing and having rooted your Android, you have lost your warranty unless it is restored. Luckily then, restoring your Android to its original factory settings is not all that difficult.

It used to be an awful lot of hard work. You would have to give it in to a professional and it could take days or even weeks for you to get your phone back and it might not even work. Nowadays, with newer phone technology and more DIY heads around the home, it is relatively easy to do it with jus a simple internet tutorial such as this.

The first thing you will need to do is turn your phone on and when it has loaded fully, you should be on the main home screen. You then need to press the menu option and from there go into your settings option. Scroll down until you find ‘Privacy’ settings in your settings folder and select it. There, under personal data, you should find a ‘Factory Data Reset’ or something similar. You will need to select that too.

You will then be shown a screen with a load of warnings on it. You will need to read through this very very carefully as it will be telling you all the risks of resetting your phone and what you will need to back up before doing it. If you are sure you understand the risks associated with this and you are willing to accept them, go right on ahead and click the ‘Reset Phone’ option. If you wish to wipe your SD card as well, there should be a box to tick above this option before you do the previous step, but only if you wish to delete everything there as well.

This may take a while, so it is advised to maybe go get a cup of tea or a snack while waiting. When the process is done, it will ask you for your details and you will need to put them in to be safely logged back into your phone. Some for your apps may ask if you want them to be installed once again, and you can choose which ones you want and which ones you want to scrap with ease. Other than that, though, you have yourself a perfectly new Android phone!

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