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Enhancing the Performance of Your Rooted Android Phone

Many experts have compared technology in general to onions, because every technological device that you can think of has many different layers.  Most people are only able to focus on the surface level or the first layer when it comes to technology.  Why?  That is the only layer that they really need to focus on in order to properly use their device.

For example, when it comes to your Android phone, as long as it has a charged battery, good reception and a good Internet connection, there is a long list of basic things that you can do with it as you would any other smartphone.  However, all of those fundamental tasks and capabilities are still just on the first layer.  Rooting your Android phone allows you to have full access to the treasures found within the deeper layers.

Why You Should Root Your Android Phone?

 The Android operating system is actually a Linux-based operating system, similar to what you would use on your personal computer.  Therefore, by modifying the super user (root) permissions of the system, you are able to have full access to the many things that can be done with this phone that you probably never even knew were possible.

There are specific applications that you can install within your phone that will give you full control over the operating system as well as the phone itself.  Some of those applications focus on file management and there are others that focus on the proper management of other applications.  However, some of the most remarkable applications available within rooted Android phones are the ones that can enhance the overall performance of your phone.

Controlling the Performance of Your Phone

 One of the most popular free applications available for rooted Android phones is the CPU Tuner.  This app allows you to control the speed of the CPU, the data connections and even the level of syncing being conducted to help increase the efficiency of your battery.

You can even program the phone to automatically respond when certain milestones are reached.  For example, this application allows you to program your phone to under-clock your CPU to the lowest speed possible or even cut back to 2G internet when the battery reaches a specific level.

There are so many other possibilities that can become realities for you once you decide to root your Android phone.  Even though it is a risky process, the benefits clearly far outweigh those risks!

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