Adding custom Fonts to your Android device

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Adding custom Fonts to your Android device

Adding custom Fonts to your Android device

When browsing online and checking out Android screenshots that people uploaded, you may often notice that their fonts are rather different. Some of them have cool curvy fonts, while others have futuristic and rigid ones. Some look cool while others look simply loony. Still, you wonder to yourself “how do they do this?” Well, worry no more because today, you will learn about adding some custom fonts to your Android device.

Custom OEM Skins

Some Android devices already have custom fonts preinstalled through the OS. One such example are Galaxy S smartphones. These smartphones usually have two or three custom fonts to choose from right from the start. These phones usually have custom OEM skins, since the stock Android experience doesn’t really offer such a font switching option by default.

For those that do have a built in font chooser, your task may be slightly easier. Your OEM provider will usually list an option to get more fonts and where you can easily download and install these fonts. Of course, the font selection is bound to be limited by those provided by the OEM manufacturer or provided by their supplier of font apks.

LG, an Android OEM, actually has their own store for mobile fonts. The LG Smart World is home to several fonts that are custom fitted for your Android device. Unfortunately, you would need to have an LG smartphone or a hacked in LG Smart World to be able to get new fonts this easily.

Custom Android Launchers

Go Launcher Fonts

Android’s customizable home screen launchers can also bring some new fonts into your Android. Of course, it varies from app to app, but most of these apps require new themes and the fonts are installed separately from the launcher app. One such app, which is very popular in the market, is Go Launcher. Go Launcher allows you to fully customize and theme your Android launcher and home screen with shockingly cute to pleasantly sophisticated designs.

One very important setback to this strategy is the fact that the custom fonts will only exist within the environment handled by the launcher application. This will not change the fonts for your other apps and settings.

iFont (Root Required)

iFontThe font changing app called iFont is the default font chooser that Samsung uses for their phones. As indicated earlier, this app is preinstalled on Samsung devices, so you can use it immediately to download and install fonts from the Play Store.

Other devices may also make use of this nifty little feature, but you may need to root and install this through unofficial means in other devices. Once you do, have this app, installing fonts is a whole lot easier. The advantage of iFont is the ability to use TTF (TrueTypeFonts) from your PC and copy it to the “/sdcard/ifont/custom” directory.

Font Installer (Root Required)

Font InstallerFont Installer is another custom font installer and switcher that you can use on your device if you have root access. This is an ad supported app that is freely available through the Play Store. Much like iFont, you can also use TTF from your PC. It has a massive list of preinstalled fonts for you to choose from, and it can all be easily previewed before you switch the fonts of your device.

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