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Acer Cloud Mobile: Review

The problem with most technical equipment these days is that it is made to be disposable. In the last number of years, I have gone through many many phones. Some have lasted me as long as a year; most have lasted only a few months. Producers make their models weak and inferior to old Nokia phones made in the past because they want us to buy the new best thing when they come out and I hate that. Phones used to have so much physical strength in them- they were called bricks for a reason. You could throw them down a flight of stairs and you would still be able to use them without hassle. With today’s fancy phones, physical strength isn’t a need or want at all, it seems. Drop a modern day phone on a soft mattress and...

October 17, 2012 Phones 2 Comments

Acer Liquid Gallant Duo: Review

I have always found it a shame that phones are so disposable nowadays. Everyone is in it for the upgrade while I am perfectly content with having the same phone for numerous years before finding the willpower to change it. That is why I am decidedly upset over the lack of care that goes into making phones any more than entertainment to be disposed of these days. I tend to use my phone for calling and texting, however I do use it to download interesting apps for socializing and work and I also keep numerous picture files on it. Therefore, I can use pretty much any phone on the market these days. However, since an updated version of these phones comes out every six months or so, these phones are only made to last six months or so. I was...

October 16, 2012 Phones 1 Comment