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Control Android Devices Remotely with your PC

Control Android Devices Remotely with your PC

As powerful as our Android devices may be, it is often restricted by the display size that comes with it. Sometimes, we wish we could control and manage our Android devices from our trusty computer interfaces.

While Android devices can be linked to computers to provide the data within such as files, music, photos and videos, it does not have access to all the resources at Android’s disposal. Sometimes, all we really wanted is to use the Android interface on our PC.
Thankfully, we don’t have to dodge through many bullets and go through hoops just to achieve this. The Google Play Store is now host to several apps that allow you to control your Android device and use it with your PC.
One of the most recommended and used Android controlling devices is Airdroid. This nifty little app allows you to remotely...

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Controlling your PC with Android Devices

Mobile devices have a lot to offer to its users. It is small, easy to carry, and generally lasts longer than older methods of computing such as the Laptop. Still, these devices still lack the sheer power and ease of use of a PC. Sometimes, you wish you could carry your PC or do PC level tasks with your Android.

Well, our mobile devices aren’t powerful enough to handle all PC tasks, but what if I tell you that Android can actually be used to remotely control your PC? Your PC will still do all the work, but the control interface you use such as the mouse and keyboard will be replaced by controls of your mobile devices.
One of the most popular apps that your smartphone or tablet can use to control your PC is the Splashtop app. This app has...

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Ways to Protect Android Data

Ways to Protect Android Data

Smartphones these days are home to the most sensitive information about our lives. It can easily house all the things we know and even all the things we keep forgetting about. Our smartphones know who we are, our closest contacts, and the things we have talked about with our family and friends. It may even know your user log-ins as well as your financial details.

With all the things we keep in our Android devices, it is scary to think that we can easily lose all that data if we aren’t careful. Losing it isn’t the worst part though. The worst case would be that some stranger with a malicious intent gets hold of all that data about you. It’s a scary world full of people who want to take advantage of other people.
We protect our computers from viruses, malware and...

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Enhance Gaming with Root

Enhance Gaming with Root

Gaming has shifted in the past few years. Gamers are no longer restricted to consoles and dedicated handheld systems. While the old platforms are definitely hanging on there, one can’t deny the amazing speed and power of today’s mobile gaming system.

Not a lot of people had a handheld gaming device. Not a lot of people had gaming consoles. Certainly though, a whole lot of people have smartphones and tablets on hand. A lot of people in this day and age have access to something to help them get their game on.
With Root, the possibilities increase tremendously. Root access can help you access things that normal devices wouldn’t be able to. Would you like to know how to improve your game? Read on then.
Access Games beyond your Hardware
Some games are built just for your hardware. Games can be optimized for Nvidia...

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Securing your phone with NFC as a key

Securing your phone with NFC as a key

Securing your phone with NFC as a Key

With NFC, things kind of start working like those sci-fi movies with small electronic gadgets being triggers for certain actions in computers. For now, these computers are out smartphones and NFC capable tablets.
We have read how NFC can be used for mobile payments and how NFC can be used to launch a task though a task launcher app. It can be used to direct users to a site, and even allow you to make quick check ins with your NFC Tag.
What if I told you that thanks to another astounding XDA Developer, we can now use our NFC tags to secure our smartphones? Doesn’t that simply rock your mind?
Originally, the app, which is still improving, required root to actually work. The developer worked hard and finally removed that restriction so that users who...

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Get the PlayStation Mobile on your rooted devices

Get the PlayStation Mobile on your rooted devices

Who doesn’t know the Sony PlayStation brand? Even those that are not into gaming should have come across such a name somewhere. The PlayStation has survived the test of time and even the ever growing test of piracy.

Ever since the first PlayStation, the company has worked to bring to us several iterations of the product. The main line, which consists of the console starts with the PlayStation One followed by the PlayStation 2 and the current generation PlayStation 3.
The company has also attacked the mobile front, releasing a PlayStation Portable and the PSP-Go. The latest generation, the PlayStation Vita has been out for just a year.
Sure, dedicated consoles do have their uses, but often times, we like our gaming integrated into our everyday devices. In this era, the everyday device is the smartphone. In response to this, Sony has made...

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Flipboard – Turning Your Android Into A Cool Magazine

The Android app marketplace is stacked with a variety of good news reader apps such as Google Currents and Pulse. The new Flipboard app for Android is another great addition to spice up the variety of news reader apps. If you are looking for a singular platform to aggregate your content on your Android device, then Flipboard is the perfect answer for you. Available for the iOS platform for almost a year now, Flipboard makes a splendid transition to the Android platform by retaining all its original features along with added integration with your Google Plus account.
The design concept of Flipboard is based around the idea of creating your very own personalized magazine app to keep in touch with not just news updates but also integrating your social networking feeds, and keeping track of your YouTube subscriptions.
How to Use Flipboard?

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FIELD TRIP for Android – Making Navigation An Intimate Experience

Since their inception, Google’s name has been synonymous with technological innovation and ingenuity. So when Google developers themselves invest their time in the development of an Android app, expectations are bound to be sky high. Field Tripis another app that is the brainchild of Google, and it certainly lives up to the hype. Field Trip is a virtual pocket guide to fascinating places all around you, such as monuments, museums, restaurants, malls, etc. Utilizing data sourced from various web publications such as Zagat, Songkick, Thrillist, Forkful, Inhabitat, etc., Field Trip compiles a list of recommendations of places for you to visit and interesting facts associated with them.
Once you have downloaded and installed this free app from Google Play Store, you will be introduced to the sleek brown-shaded app interface which is remarkably simple to navigate through. To get started, you...

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A quick guide to the Samsung Blocking mode

A quick guide to the Samsung Blocking mode

Samsung has been very keen on adding extra features to their devices. Not only do they skin the interface with TouchWiz, they also include a multitude of Samsung developed features. Some of these features actually make it to the default Google Code. Google is always looking at developments from their OEMs and merging it to the code if they find it good enough to be on stock.
Samsung’s current flagship model, the Galaxy S3, began with Ice Cream Sandwich. Even then, the device has been jam-packed full of features, which undoubtedly set it apart from other devices with similar specs.
One specific feature we will get to know today is an evolution of a simple “notifications” toggle found on the ICS version of the Galaxy S3 – the Blocking Mode.
Blocking mode is a part of their new Jelly Bean ROM for the...

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Adding Android 4.2 features to a rooted device without updating

Adding Android 4.2 features to a rooted device without updating

Jelly Bean 4.2

Android Jelly Bean 4.2 is out. Google has finally finished their next round of updates for the Android platform. Take note that this update is still labeled under Jelly Bean and not yet a jump to a dessert that starts with “K”.
The update is very minor, including bug fixes as well as optimization to speed and performance. It also adds a few cool features in the camera and keyboard application as well as updated system apps like the new Gmail app for Jelly Bean 4.2.
The new feature called Photo Sphere was inspired by the concept of Street View, where you have a 360 degree image from a certain point in space. Photo Sphere brings with it a new way of taking photos of your environment, and of course, a new way of sharing it to the world.
Update woes?

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