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Google Glasses Project

In a couple of years we’ve totally changed our understanding of a phone as such. Now, the actual “phone” feature is definitely not at the first place and people get carried away with great cameras, quad-core processors, big touch-screens and features that they are never going to use in this life. Well, that’s the price we pay for this great thing called “progress”.

But at the beginning of this year, April month, to be exact, Google has started testing a totally new and revolutionary project that should change our understanding of life and turn daily routine upside down. If you haven’t guessed already, I am talking about Google Glass project. The basic idea of the concept itself is pretty easy and we’ve seen things like that in sci-fi movies. But, bringing people’s dreams in real life is a big step forward. You’ve seen already how smart-phones and tablets changed the world around so you can imagine how Google Glass and products alike will change the world after.

So far we do not know much about Google Class characteristics as far as Google does not know them themselves (they constantly change them in order to make things better). But that doesn’t actually matter because with the modern technologies and microchips it isn’t that hard to create something small and powerful at the same time. So far from the pictures wondering the web, Google’s presentations and video teasers we can tell that this will be a smart-phone integrated in glasses. One of your eyes will be looking on the world around through a little transparent display and the other one won’t have anything in front of it. This is made in order to prevent people from losing the sense of reality. Also, on the right side of the Glasses you will find gadget’s heart: power block with processor, camera, RAM and ROM memory, etc. Luckily, it isn’t big and with variety of colors will look stylish.

Now, let’s take a look at the functions. A little display in front of your right eye will share all the important information with you. So far its main idea is to socialize your life even more and make the regular things, well, more interesting. With the basic voice commands you will be able to take and receive calls, send and read messages, be notified with the upcoming events and use Glasses for navigation with a little map right in front of your eyes. Technically, you won’t get something revolutionary in a matter of features but you will be able to see the world from a totally different perspective. Now there is no need to reach for your phone every time you get an email or reminder – you will always have all the important information in front of your eyes. I am pretty sure that with the progress moving forward and people thinking wider, we are going to see pretty fast integration of extended reality. Let me explain on a simple example: you walk down the street and see a restaurant. Your Google Glasses will immediately show you restaurant’s rating, today’s menu, working hours, special offers and so on. But, this information won’t be displayed in a form of plain text with no pictures. This will look like a hologram with 3D images and flying texts (or something like that). Or, just with a simple glance on something you will get all the interesting information about the item, its origin and else. Really, the list of possibilities here is pretty much endless.

And, of course, POV camera. Your smart-phone will start seeing this world the way you do which means it will be a lot more responsive to your needs. Basically, Google Glass camera won’t differ from any other smart-phone camera in its technological matter but will totally change the angle of view. Now, every picture or video will give a feeling of presence and will store your memories the way you remembered them. That is definitely a nice one. Of course, nothing can stop you from using Google Glasses for studying. Just on the contrary – you will be able to read texts faster and record all the important info as well as read foreign books without even knowing the language – Google Glass will translate them for you. Well, I do believe that at the same time students will start using their new gadgets for cheating during tests which, of course, isn’t nice.

So far we know that first developer’s versions will be released somewhere in 2013 and by the end of 2014 will come to a mass customer. As for the price, 1500$ is the only one internet keeps talking about. Considering that this is something new and revolutionary, I do not find it surprising. Moreover, considering the fact that Google Glass project has a great potential and might be used for a lot more interesting things like improving people’s weak eyesight, I can’t but wait to get one for myself and see how it behaves in real life conditions.

In order to see Google Glass in action and its potential future, check out the videos below.

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