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Android 4.2 Preview

Android 4.2 Preview

Together with a set of new Nexus devices Google has also announced their next version of Android OS. Unlike rumors, it will be numbered Android 4.2 and not Android 5.0.  As for the codename, please, be ready to add another three word combination to your word ration cause the new Android is called Key Lime Pie. Pretty sour name, I would say (but in a good sense, of course). By the way – when you say it fast, it sounds like you speak Japanese. But together with these weird new associations, there is also a list of pretty innovative features that should be handy in your daily business or pleasure.

Multiple User Support: this is definitely something that lots of users have been waiting for. It is pretty obvious that nowadays smart-phones and tablets are not gadgets of a personal use anymore. Due to a great number of possibilities, those pocket computers happen to be a desired piece of technology for every member on the family. So, if you want to keep your private data private and your Angry Birds saves safe – this is the function that will help you: easy switching, lots of sharing options, admin control and else.

Photo Sphere: now you can make yourself feel like you are working for Google. Photo Sphere allows you to take multi-shot scrollable pictures (the one you can find in Google Maps Street View). This will be useful in lots of spheres like real estate business or partying or whatever you can imagine.

Daydream: turn your tablet into a digital photo frame or news window or whatever you like while your device is idle or docked. You can put it near your computer and use it as a notificator for the most important things or just enjoy family photos when back home from work. Use your imagination and Daydream will do the rest.

Wireless Screen Sharing: now there is no need to use wires in order to attach your device to a TV or else. With the help of a wireless HDMI adapter you will be able to mirror and stream any content to almost any HDTV enabled device. YouTube videos, movies, games and a lot more – everything is wireless now!

Google Now: this service was announced with the first release of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean but now it appears in reincarnated and a lot more interesting form. Basically, it tells you about things that happen around you using your location, time and else. For example, while on a bus stop you will be notified about the upcoming bus, whether it’s late or not and stuff like that. Pretty handy, I should say.

Gesture Typing: is a better reincarnation of the Swype application (I am pretty sure you are familiar with it).  You can now type by tracing the words on the keyboard with a single finger. This is more than useful and after a little practice saves time and nerves.

Expandable, Actionable Notifications: a lot more interactive version of a regular notification pane. Now you can launch apps and control your smart-phone a lot easier with the help of new features and possibilities offered in the pane. It looks amazing on a smart-phone and even a lot better on a tablet.

Of course, there are lots of other big and small changes and improvements in the new Android but they will be revealed only after the official launch of the new Android family on November, 13.

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