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Flipboard – Turning Your Android Into A Cool Magazine


The Android app marketplace is stacked with a variety of good news reader apps such as Google Currents and Pulse. The new Flipboard app for Android is another great addition to spice up the variety of news reader apps. If you are looking for a singular platform to aggregate your content on your Android device, then Flipboard is the perfect answer for you. Available for the iOS platform for almost a year now, Flipboard makes a splendid transition to the Android platform by retaining all its original features along with added integration with your Google Plus account.

The design concept of Flipboard is based around the idea of creating your very own personalized magazine app to keep in touch with not just news updates but also integrating your social networking feeds, and keeping track of your YouTube subscriptions.

How to Use Flipboard?

To get started, simply download this app from Google Play Store and open it. You will now be asked to choose either to “Sign In” with your Flipboard account credentials or to register your account by tapping the “Get Started” option. You will now be guided to the app homescreen where you can pick from an eclectic mix of interesting categories such as Technology, Business, News, Photography, Style, and Flipboard Picks, to create a content filter based on your personal interests only.

Flipboard also allows you to link your social networking profiles over numerous platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Reader, etc,

You will now receive a constantly updated stream of fascinating articles, photos and videos based on your interests and those shared by your friends. Anytime you feel like saving an article to catch up with later, you can save it for reading it later via apps like Pocket, Instapaper, and Readability. You can also explore a great collection of staff picks in the Content Guide, which contain specially curated blogs, magazines, photography portals, etc.


Analyzing Flipboard Features

The app interface is smooth and highly user-friendly. You can easily flip through the stories using simple swipe touch controls on your Android device screen. You have the ability to tweet, favorite or share a story that you enjoyed with your friends as soon as you are done reading it.

The Flipboard app is currently available in 14 localized editions for U.S., U.K Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, China, France, Spain, and Taiwan. This app works smoothly on all Android devices with a decent 3G connection and running the Android 2.2 Froyo OS or higher. Flipboard can only run on your Android device’s internal memory and cannot be shifted to the memory card unless your device is rooted. Flipboard’s usability is even more fun on tablets; however, there has not been any version of this app announced for Android tablets so far.

Overall, Flipboard is a fantastic social news reading app. It is a great aggregator of interesting information and gives you a lot of control over your news and social networking feeds, removing the need to use a bevy of different apps to access the content you are looking for.

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