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How to choose the best Android screen lock

One of the main problems with high tech, high quality phones these days is that they are excellent bait for predators and thieves that want to mug you and steal your data. This can be a severe problem, especially if the fancy phone you are using is for work purposes. From your phone alone, any thief or data stealer can hack into your contacts, your documents, you picture and video files; even your texts and your call log. This is why it is major important, not only to back everything up, but to have a great screen lock on your phone. A screen lock might be the only protection you have against data theft, so it is incredibly important to make sure you have the best one you can possibly get for your Android phone to protect yourself and your customers’ privacy.

The pattern screen swipe is one that an awful lot of people go for. It is also the one that most thieves are able to crack with inexplicable ease, however. The idea is that you let the phone memorise a swipe of your finger in some sort of patter like a zig zag or a circle and therefore, every time your phone locks, you need to swipe your phone in this particular way in order to unlock it. However, your finger often leaves marks on the screen from where you swipe it; therefore it is easy for a criminal to guess what your pattern is with incredible ease. So, even though it looks high tech and cool and is great to show off about with your friends, it is not the best one to have if data protection is your key matter.

You can also use a PIN number on your phone and this is by far the most popular one of all as it is incredibly easy to remember a four digit number. With PIN numbers, all you need to do is go to your setting s and find where the option to create a new pin is and enter your hard to guess number for future use. It is still possible in some retrospect for someone to guess this using screen residue, but it is a lot harder to crack than a simple swipe lock.

For most Android devices, you can also use a password. Sometimes these are the hardest to guess and sometimes they are the easiest. It is important to find a password that you will remember but is not something easy to guess, like a friend’s birthday or a dog’s name. Passwords can be a hassle as you have to enter them perfectly every time, even when you are in a rush, but as long as it is a good password it is totally worth it, believe me.

So, if you don’t want your data stolen by some horrible thief or hacker, make sure you have a pattern lock or a PIN code or even a password for your device, or else you are in the no zone!

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