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Bring a new world of Notifications to your Android device

Bring a new world of Notifications to your Android device

For a long time now, we have learned to change the way the phone looks, the way we interact with the device, the way it sounds, and even the way it performs. We have touched UI changes time and again. In terms of communication, we have learned how to change ringtones and message tones. Now, we will find out how to change the actual way we see the notifications that come through.

Let’s review. How do the regular notifications go again? Well, once it comes in, the phone will display an icon over at the notification bar. For you to see the details of the notification, you need to swipe down from the notification bar to reveal the notification shade that shows notifications by app.

So what is a variation of a notification? Probably the most popular custom form of receiving notifications is demonstrated by Facebook’s Messenger app. Facebook Messenger has a built in special notification format that allows it to pop out a “chat head”, which is a floating circle with a profile picture of who sent the message. After tapping the head, the message overlays over the current app or page without leaving the app that you were using at the time.

So, are you ready to learn how to experience the new ways to receive your Android notifications? Read on!

Floating Notifications

By Rob J

Floating NotificationsSince we started off with the Chat Heads example, it seems only fair to show you the way to extend that chat head style of notifications to the other apps that doesn’t have the feature built in. Rob J was able to build one of the most popular adaptations of the Facebook Chat heads for other apps, which is smooth, stable, and actually functional. The app lets you choose exactly which app to enable floating notifications for. This way, you can prioritize which apps you actually want a notification from.

Popup Notifier

By Productigeeky

Popup NotificationsSome apps have a built in pop-up notification feature. A pop-up notification is similar to the notifications that Windows does when you have an error. A new window comes up with the information at hand. In the same way, apps with this built-in feature allow the message to be displayed right in the middle giving it priority over the current task. With this app, any app that doesn’t already have a pop-up notification option will be able to enjoy one.


By Eric Carboni

NotifSo we have a way to receive notifications from messaging apps, system apps, and even from annoying advertisement. Why can’t we have a notification for stuff that we want to be notified about? Notif is a unique app that lets you create your personal notifications down to the customized notification icon.

Notif is like a notepad and an alarm clock that is accessible from one of the most accessible places in the Android device: the notification shade. Rather than making use of a home screen to display a row of notes, Notif can set the note to appear only during a set time and date, allowing you to time the reminder just right while having a complete list or detail of what you want to be reminded about.

Light Flow – LED&Notifications

By Rage Consulting

Lights FlowOf course, notifications are more than just for the notification shade or bar. Notifications can sometimes be in the form of a LED notification light. While this form of notification is only possible depending on the hardware, it is starting to become a common feature in many new Android devices.

I have had a notification light on Android for a long time now. It usually shows a different color depending on what app is launching a notification. Unfortunately, I usually get lost in the different lights. All I can count on being different was Yahoo! Mail, which will always come out purple. The rest keeps cycling between green, blue, and red, and you can’t really customize that color.

With Light Flow, you can now change that unfortunate setting to allow you to mix and match your phone’s LED notification lights to play the color you want for the app you want. You no longer have to settle with a huge umbrella of Blues and Greens. If you have a notification LED light, try getting this app on your side.

Flash Notification

By manzy

Flash NotificationsHere’s a great idea. If you don’t have an LED notification light, why not make use of your LED powered camera flash to shout out “I have a notification!” With Flash Notification, you can keep the phone on silent and still be able to visually verify if there is a notification on your phone. It’s a very “loud” visual notification at that. The app lets you specify exactly which app you want to force the flash on for.

While this may have some hit to the battery due to the bright flashes, this notification method had its purpose to many people. With over 500,000 downloads and counting, you can bet that people are interested.

A phone is now more than just about notifying us about the next call or the latest SMS. We now receive notifications to an unlimited number of apps. That is why we should at least be able to customize the experience.

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