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Popular Android Keyboard Replacements

Popular Android Keyboard Replacements

This is the age of touch technology. Very rarely do we see phones with physical keyboards in the market. It is mostly used by those who love Blackberry, or those who simply must have a hardware keyboard. For most of us, we have adopted the touch based keyboard entry.

Android is so customizable, that you can even switch the default keyboard you use when typing messages and other information for all your apps. You shouldn’t be stuck with the stock keyboard unless you really like that stock keyboard.

The Play Store is host to dozens of keyboard replacements hoping to improve your typing comfort and accuracy while using your Android device. Some of them have very unique functions that may be important to someone, but completely useless to someone else. Today we will have a look at some of the best Android keyboard replacements in the Play Store.

SwiftKey Keyboard

By SwiftKey


This is one of the most popular and most functional keyboards in the market. Based on the regular Android keyboard design, this aims to improve upon the accuracy of word predictions by actually learning as you type. It can learn from pre-existing conversations in your inbox, Facebook and Twitter. It supports multiple languages for typing predictions. You can even create your own word dictionary for your typing convenience.

Swiftkey is known to be very fast, accurate and stable. It is also very good at predicting your next word. This app allows you to use 3 different language kits at the same time, so you can type from French to Spanish to English in one go without having to switch languages or keyboards.

SwiftKey recently introduced Flow, which is a system for predicting what word you are trying to type by simply swiping around the keyboard’s letters.

Swype Keyboard

By Nuance Communications, Inc


Swiftkey may have Flow now, but the first to ever introduce that feature is Swype Keyboard. Swype Keyboard’s main feature is to allow you to simply swipe across the keyboard to enter text using its unique text prediction algorithm. It is known to be much more accurate than Flow thanks to the fact that they have been improving the feature for a much longer time.

The app also incorporates Nuance’s voice recognition technology for hands free typing by simply using your voice. You can dictate what the app will type into your text boxes using Nuance’s voice recognition software.

GO Keyboard

By GO Dev Team

Go keyboard

Once again, the title for the most customizable custom keyboard replacement goes to the Go Dev Team’s Go Keyboard. It is capable of changing into so many themes which often go hand in hand with their Go SMS and Go Launcher Themes.

Of course, Go Keyboard is not entirely about looks. It is also a functional keyboard with many modes. You have navigation modes with directional buttons, a thumb keyboard, the regular keyboard and even a split type keyboard. It is one of the few keyboards that support emoji input for those who have iOS textmates or other users who have Go Dev Team apps like Go SMS.

Hacker’s Keyboard

By Klaus Weidner

Hackers keyboard

This is a unique keyboard that aims to emulate the key input of a regular computer keyboard. It has all the bells and whistles like the CTRL key, ALT key, Esc, and the Function buttons. It supports multi-touch for combination key entry, just like a regular keyboard on your computer.

This is very handy when you are writing code using your Android device, or when you are using the Android device to access your remote desktop. It is also very handy when doing technical stuff such as typing through the terminal emulator, or running a virtual Linux setup on your rooted Android device.

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