A review of the Purelook HD for the Galaxy S III

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A review of the Purelook HD for the Galaxy S III

A review of the Purelook HD for the Galaxy S III

After owning a Galaxy S III for a while, rooting is simply not enough anymore if you want to have the best experience. Sure, you can install lots of new stock ROMs, but why settle for stock when you can get optimized stock?

There are a lot of custom ROMs for the Galaxy S III that relies on the optimize stock experience, but there is one that combines amazing look and feel with the stability of a stock ROM. Let’s go meet the Purelook HD for the Galaxy S III.



Purelook HD showcases three different types of themes to choose from. You have the basic stock experience which is a direct look and feel port of the Galaxy S4 to the Galaxy S III, an Xperia look and feel, as well as a fully transparent operating system.

The Galaxy S4 look is very nice, but as many would point out, it isn’t too far away from what Touchwiz on the Galaxy S III already is. It does look cool with all the white textures and themes.

The Xperia Theme is sort of my favorite of the three since it totally revamps the look of apps as well as the default look and feel of my OS. You can choose between a regular Xperia theme or an Xperia theme using rounded app icons.

The transparent theme is something else. It turns most basic OS interface such as settings pages, the notification shade, as well as other portions of the OS transparent. This means you always have your wallpaper or live wallpaper on your screen. Of course, this doesn’t do much to other installed apps, so it’s not my best vote.

Multiple Kernels

The custom ROM is designed to work with several custom kernels. The developer always includes several tested kernels that are known to work well with his current build. Of course, you can always use your own custom kernels, but for the best compatibility, you can select the one that feels best for you in his list.

JKAY Support

The JKAY framework has been integrated into this ROM so you can further tweak your phone’s interface using JKAY settings. That is like the equivalent of full interface control that is only possible with his framework for the Galaxy S III.

Amazing Sound

One of the best features of this ROM is its amazing sound. As a custom ROM that integrates the Xperia theme, it also integrates other Sony branded features such as Bravia Engine, Clear Audio+, Walkman, as well as other sound tweaks thanks to boeffla kernel support.

The Experience

In my experience of the Purelook HD, it definitely shows a lot of beauty in both animations and custom look. It stands out from the rest simply because it adds flavor and style to a ROM that demonstrates one of the fastest and most stable custom ROM in the top rankings. It also has very good battery life, which is something a lot of people look for in a custom ROM.

The experience with this ROM has been very smooth for the most part. While there is still the occasional lag in games, it can easily be offset by choosing a different governor, which is integrated into the custom ROM. With the right kernel, you can transform your phone into a very long lasting device if you are the type who doesn’t frequently use the phone anyway. For those who rarely ever leave their phone doing nothing, you can juice up the power with a bunch of tweaks compatible with the custom ROM.

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