How to Remove Cloud Photos in Android Gallery Only

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How to Remove Cloud Photos in Android Gallery Only

How to Remove Cloud Photos in Android Gallery Only

Android features several cloud synching services all throughout the operating system. It allows you to stay connected with several services across the web such as emails, social media, chat services, and even online galleries.

It is interesting to note that many people don’t know much about the gallery synching capabilities of their Android devices. If you are like me, you probably upgraded from an older Android phone and as soon as the initial setup was complete, you were shocked to find so many photos in your gallery.

The thing is, these photos that are now suddenly lodged into your Android gallery are often disorganized. They are galleries created by instant uploads, or photos uploaded though Google+ posts. Many people don’t want all of these photos suddenly getting synched into their account without permission. While you may want to keep some of them there, there are times when you desperately want to at least manage or remove these cloud photos from your gallery.

Remove all Synched Photos from Device Only

These photos and videos from your gallery are often part of a cloud service. In that case, you can’t manually delete them form the device. You can’t manage them from your phone, and they just litter the gallery with all of your previous photos from a social network or cloud storage service. Unfortunately, no matter how annoying they are in the device gallery, removing them permanently will involve remove the files from the service it is connected to as well.

You may not want these devices in your device gallery but still want them to be available for your cloud service such as the social networks. In that case, all you would need to do is to remove these photos from the device and prevent the device from synching any future photos with the hardware.

Disabling Photo Sync

The first thing you need to do is to cancel any further synchronization from the cloud service. If you have been uploading files to Google+, your gallery is most likely littered with PICASA photos and duplicate Google+ photos. To remove these from the gallery, you need to go to your account settings in the settings app.

Once in the account settings, tap on our Google account and uncheck the cloud photo service you wanted to remove. If you want Picasa removed, simply uncheck it for now. If you want to remove Google+ photos, then make sure to uncheck that as well.

Disabling Sync

Clearing Sync Cache

Your next step is to now remove any trace of the synched files in your Gallery. To do that, you need to go to your Applications Management settings. Go to the “All” tab and look for the Gallery App in the list. Tap the app and you will be taken to a management screen.

From here, you need to tap on “Clear Data” to subsequently remove all synchronized photos from the gallery. You should now have a clean gallery that only houses photos from your actual device storage.

Clearing Gallery Cache

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  1. Dariussays: February 20, 2018 at 12:59 pm

    Hello, in my old device Cubot ‘Cheetech’, l’ve send to cloud 30+ pic. That was oct, 17′. In jan this year my device was death after spend the night outside at 15 -C°. Nobody in Island could change battery , so I’v bought LG Q6. I alrrady could copy all my data , except gallery and cloud. How can I recover this pic. ?

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