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How to quickly replace your Battery Icon

How to quickly replace your Battery Icon

Battery Icons are boring aren’t they? Most Android devices would have a default battery icon that shows a visual representation of what is your current battery level. For most people, that is not enough. They want to know exactly how much battery power you have left, not just some approximate battery level.

Android does have some built in measures to help you figure it out. You can go to the Android About page in your settings on older devices, while newer devices m ay come out with a dedicated battery setting which shows your current battery level and usage statistics.

Of course, that is a far cry from what people really want. Digging through your settings just to get the current battery level is not ideal. There are apps that try to solve this by either adding a battery widget on your home screen or maybe add a second battery icon with battery percentage on your notification bar.

What if I told you that with root, you can actually replace that default ba ttery icon with something more useful?

The Gritty Method

The gritty method involves going through your device’s framework and modifying it and replacing the icons with new battery icons. You would have to extract the APK from your device, open the apk and look for your battery icons. Of course, this is not an ideal method. Here, we want to give you the easiest way around the block, and with Osama Ghareeb’s new program, we can.

OG Battery Mod

The OG Battery Mod by Osama Ghareeb from XDA Developers is a complete program that can help you mod and replace your current battery icon with a cooler one and even add the option to show percentile battery capacity without the need of an extra app running the background.

This is an open source project that aims to keep improving over time. It is totally free, but you are free to give the developer some beer money if you appreciate his work.

To use the OG Battery Mod, you need to download the PC application first. You can download the latest files from here:

Once downloaded, extract the file from the backup and run the OG Battery Mod Application.

Battery Mod 1

It should now look like this:

Battery Mod 2

As it says, go ahead and click Start to start the process. The apps is very helpful since it will give you the step by step instructions on how to use it. Now, you may not know what to do in this list:

Battery Mod 3

Simply tap the choice you want. For starters, unless you are running a Deodexed ROM, you should stick to choosing the first option. Simply click on the first option to proceed. The app will then ask you to enable USB debugging before connecting the device to the PC. We talked about how to do that extensively in this post:

How to Enable USB Debugging on Samsung Devices

It should be pretty similar to other devices as well, so give it a try. Once you have enabled the device’s USB debugging, connect the device to your PC. If this is your first time, it may have to install some drivers before you can proceed. It will try to detect your device. Once detected, it should display the model number on the app like so:

Battery mod 4

Just press on the words to continue with the procedure. It will then ask you if you wanted to add the battery style option in the settings of your device. This is a very important tool so that you can keep switching between battery models if you get bored with your first choice. Just choose yes to proceed.

Battery Mod 5

The app would then ask you to select the settings app in your device. Now normally, there should only be one in the list, but in case there are more, just select the most likely candidate as your settings app.

Battery Mod 6

It will then download the necessary files for the procedure. The process should be smooth sailing from here on out. The app will install on your device and you can finally switch batteries with the ones prebuilt from the tool. In case you wanted to add other battery mods from other sources, you can use the tool to add more styles and install the new styles using the tool like you did the first time.

Battery Mod 7

Battery Mod 8

Take note that in some cases, the installation may fail and not work. That is because this is still a work in progress and there may be other things that need to be fixed in time. The developer is working very hard to iron out these bugs, but he needs your help. If you do encounter an error, do send out the error logs to Osama Ghareeb so he can figure out what to do next. Have fun modding!

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