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Control Android Devices Remotely with your PC

Control Android Devices Remotely with your PC

As powerful as our Android devices may be, it is often restricted by the display size that comes with it. Sometimes, we wish we could control and manage our Android devices from our trusty computer interfaces.

While Android devices can be linked to computers to provide the data within such as files, music, photos and videos, it does not have access to all the resources at Android’s disposal. Sometimes, all we really wanted is to use the Android interface on our PC.

Thankfully, we don’t have to dodge through many bullets and go through hoops just to achieve this. The Google Play Store is now host to several apps that allow you to control your Android device and use it with your PC.


airdroidOne of the most recommended and used Android controlling devices is Airdroid. This nifty little app allows you to remotely control your Android device through the air. The best part is not only does it allow you to manipulate the data, but also allow you to experience Android as if it was docked directly to your display.

You can easily transfer files, play music, video, and even navigate your files remotely. There is no need for wires with Airdroid. The app also allows you to compose and send text messages on your desktop computer. It makes it easier to communicate through text while busy working on your computer.

You can’t stream and play apps on your desktop, but you can manage your apps from it by remotely installing and uninstalling the app. You can also scream what you do on your phone to your pc to allow you to take screencasts and screenshots, but this feature requires that you are rooted.

Try rooting your phone with Rescue Root if you are not yet rooted.

Lookout Mobile Security

lookoutLookout Mobile security is built to protect your phone from malware, viruses and theft. The anti-theft control is also another form of controlling your phone with your PC. Its anti-theft service allows users to remotely control their devices wherever they may be.

With Lookout’s services, you can easily track your Android by remotely opening GPS, getting location, taking remote snapshots, and even send SMS and email. When not being used to track a thief, the Lookout Mobile Security services are a cool way to keeping in touch with your phone or your family’s phones.

Another great feature that Lookout allows you to do remotely is the ability to completely backup and wipe your managed Android devices. While this is certainly great for Anti-theft measures, it is also perfect for keeping your data intact under normal circumstances.


Mighty TxtWhat if you don’t want to remotely control a lot of stuff about your phone, but simply want to focus on SMS services? There is an app dedicated for just that! MightyText’s SMS Text Messaging↔PC & Backup app allows you to use your Android phone to send and receive SMS remotely.

Say for example you are in a low signal area and you have to keep your phone up on the top shelf just to get some carrier signal. Well, you certainly can’t text that way, right? You can hook up your PC and your Android smartphone together with MightyText’s services to be able to send messages from the comfort of your laptop or desktop computer.

The cool thing about MightyText is the ability to use your Android tablet to do the same. It doesn’t have to be your PC that does the controlling. You can also have your Tablet send SMS and it automatically synchronizes between all three devices. Thanks to apps like these, you don’t have to always keep your phone at hand just to be able use it.

As a service that is dedicated for SMS, you are also given the ability to remotely backup and restore your SMS list and history.

Droid VNC Server

Droid VNC ServerThis is the mother of all Android remote control apps. While the previous apps were made to manipulate data or be able to user specific apps that it supports, Droid VNC Server allows you to completely control your Android device on your PC using the actual Android interface.

Using private and secure VNC connections, you can access and control your Android phone. Unlike solutions that were made in the past, Droid VNC no longer requires that you keep your phone tethered trough a USB cable. This is a completely remote solution.

Being able to use Droid VNC Server to connect to Android devices is also perfect if you are trying to help troubleshoot someone else’s phone. Rather than force yourselves to meet up somewhere, you can just hook up to their phone and manually check the phone’s OS remotely. Of course, there would still be limitations, but the limitations are the same for any remote access solution.

Droid VNC will also allow you to play your beloved games on your PC, through the secure connection. You can use your mouse, keyboard or touch display to manipulate the actual Android interface.

To be able to use Droid VNC Server, your phone must first be rooted. The root access allows the PC to remote control the device. Without root access, you would only be able to stream the display.

Once again, if you need root access, try rooting now with our Recue Root solution.

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