Allowing NFC to work on lock screen or when off

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Allowing NFC to work on lock screen or when off

Allowing NFC to work on lock screen or when off

Making NFC work even locked

If you have been more active at using your NFC chips and tags so far by following our extensive list of guides and ideas, you may have encountered a little road block that prevents you from fully enjoying the experience.

As many may have noticed, you would need to unlock the device to be able to use the NFC tag. This is highly inconvenient because it doesn’t work even with unsecured lock screens such as the default swipe lock screen.

Some tags could have been so much more useful and convenient if you don’t have to go through that process. It will certainly add a new level to the speed of task management. The problem is, this issue that we face is actually something built to protect us users.

You see, to prevent malicious NFC tasks and codes to suddenly wreak havoc into our devices, the NFC chip is turned off while the phone is off or in the lock screen. This means that for you to be able to launch the task, you would have to personally unlock and tap the tag.

This prevents anyone with a tag from simply bumping your device and making it perform an action you don’t like.

Still there should have been an option for people like us who are willing to discard that security feature for the sake of convenience. Thankfully, Developers at XDA have figured it out. Depending on the device, you may have to flash a few files, or maybe even just replace the NFC app of your smartphone.

Remember, this task requires that your smartphone is rooted. Without root access, you have no luck. If your device requires flashing, you need to install a custom recovery to complete the process.

Here is one for the Xperia Sola and Xperia P

[MOD] NFC on screenoff and lockscreen – Sony Xperia P/Sola

Here is an extensive list for the Galaxy S3

[MOD] NFC With the Screen Locked/Off – UPDATE for BLG8/BLH1

This is the one for the HTC Evo 4G LTE

[MOD] NFC on screenoff and lockscreen – HTC EVO 4G LTE

The same developer worked on the HTC One X

[MOD] NFC on screenoff and lockscreen – HTC One X ICS & JB

Galaxy Nexus owners should rejoice as they get one too

[MOD] NFC With the Screen Off

Unfortunately, other devices have yet to receive the same developer support in this area. If you develop for other phones, maybe you could take a look at what they have done here and then spread the MOD around.

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