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Zenchain Launches P2P Lending and Telegram Anti Phishing Products

RescueRoot is proud to support a new venture launched by one of its former product creators, Zenchain Inc. Zenchain is a new blockchain startup focused on building decentralized applications on the Ethereum network. We believe that this exciting new venture will have a strong impact on the progress of the cryptocurrency space the way RescueRoot and the associated OneClickRoot.com have had on Android rooting. Sharing a similar philosophy to what made RescueRoot great, Zenchain’s goal is to make decentralized apps and cryptocurrency utilities, which currently require a high degree of technical knowledge and skill, something that the average user can easily use on a daily basis.
While Zenchain is only a few months old, they have already released a completely free Telegram Anti-Phishing Admin Bot, which aims to solve the serious problem of phishing scams that have stolen millions of dollars...

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Rescue Root supports almost every Android phone, tablet and e-reader ever created. Our software can root devices running Android Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich and even Jelly Bean instantly! Here are just a few of the devices we support:

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Preview

Unveiled to great fanfare in Barcelona, the Samsung Galaxy S5 packs a number of advanced features from its predecessor the Galaxy S4. Among these are a bigger screen at 5.1 inches compared to the smaller S4, a biometric scanner and an impressive array of sensors including a heart rate monitor. So is the S5 worth the hype and more importantly, worth your money? Read on to find out.
Samsung Galaxy S5 Key Specs & Hardware
Samsung has bumped up the power and processing power of the S5 while maintaining some features and specs of the S4. Apart from the bigger screen at 5.1 inches, it has maintained RAM at 2GB and internal storage at the standa...

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How to Hack Flappy Bird for Fun and High Scores (APK Download Included)

It’s difficult. It’s infuriating. Its undoubtedly the 2014 game of the year. Its developer yanked it from the market for among others, the first two reasons. (Or did he?). By now you know we are talking about flappy bird!
Flappy bird was developed by Vietnam based game developer Nguyen Ha Dong (Dong Nguyen in short) and published by Vitenamese game development outfit, GEARS studios. The developer yanked it from the market in early 2014 through the now infamous tweet:

While new versions and clones have hit the market since the original was yanked, no clear contender has yet to take root. You can download the original Flappy Bird...

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Root Only Apps

There are countless amazing Apps that are specifically for rooted devices. Here are a few of the best:

Titanium Backup
Root Explorer
ROM Toolbox
AnTuTu Battery Saver

Root Android with Rescue Root: Safe, Easy, Trusted and Secure

Want more reasons to root your Android device with Rescue Root? Perhaps you’ve seen self rooting guides or online “free” software. Free programs are dangerous to use if you've never rooted a phone before, you greatly risk damaging your device or even causing a non-repairable malfunction. With the average cost of an Android based smartphone exceeding $600 most users prefer a one click solution like RescueRoot to safely root their device. There are many reasons why you should choose Rescue Root, but once you download the software, you will quickly see for yourself. Unlike these how to guides and other programs, our software picks a specific set of rooting scripts unique to your device. While they just run one or two scripts, our database contains dozens, and executes them automatically. These self rooting guides can also be extremely difficult to use, involving running complex codes with dozens of steps. Not only is this hard, but any minor error you make can damage your phone and data. Rescue Root has built in safeguards to prevent this, and a backup and restore function to keep data safe.

Finally, we are the only rooting program that comes with full support. In the extremely rare case that you run into an issue, or just if you need some help and assurances using the software, our highly trained Android rooting experts are here to guide and support you through everything. It is our mission to make rooting your Android a fun and easy process. You phone is your life; it costs hundreds of dollars and is essential to modern life. Why risk it using dangerous untested scripts and programs that may contain malware or worse? Download Rescue Root today and you’ll be enjoying your rooted Android device in minutes!